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Personalised products

In our shop the available t-shirt variants are: "basic", "medium" and "veteran".

This means that the T-shirt is available in three levels of destruction. The "medium" and "veteran" T-shirts are processed by the Wasted Couture team.

The "basic" level is a simple, printed t-shirt that you receive without any further human intervention.

The "medium" level is a printed t-shirt that is perforated in a thoughtful way, different for both sexes. In the production process the T-shirts are also slightly dirty to add a floating effect. This t-shirt is perfect for everyday wear, as well as for parties, rock concerts or meetings with friends.

The "Veteran" level is a t-shirt with printed design, which Wasted Couture puts the most heart into creating. T-shirt in a creative way is cut, destroyed, sewn, aged, dirty and dyed, differently for men and women. The whole process is time-consuming because, as we know, love requires time. This t-shirt is ideal for OldTown, for a heavy metal concert, as well as for going out on the street (if you dare :) ).

In our shop there is a possibility to order also a non-standard t-shirt. This is a T-shirt that Wasted Couture will commission just for you, turning your idea into reality. For our crafters, clothes are art - each piece is completely unique, original and one of a kind. If you want to order such a project, please contact us via the contact form.


Wasted Couture is a collective of artists and independent visionaries from four European countries (Poland, Germany, England and the Czech Republic). They are involved in various projects, including OldTown Festival. They make costumes, jewellery and accessories on their own. Each of them represents a different style and uses different techniques of creation. Their skills complement each other, and continuous cooperation and exchange of experience make each of them develop.

We invite you to visit our website, where you can order individual products tailored to your needs: